Cosinus mine

Koéalagoguamba  de la mine Cosinus

GPX track Record The Cosinus mine is located on the southern Koéalagoguamba valley (affluent of the Tontouta), starting from accessed “la plaine aux cailloux” in Païta. This mine operated by the Company Lafleur in the sixties has fallen into the public domain. She is currently taken up by the SGM …

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Adele creek

Adele creek Nice output in Yate Dam area. Two new walkers (Françoise and Bertrand) joined the group of diehards for this hike in the hills of Adele creek. Having rubbed the lake, the view from the peaks was beautiful. A big thank you to Anne, who had prepared an excellent …

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Wentworth pass track

Wentworth pass track - 2

Wentworth pass track Wednesday, February 6, 2013, up at dawn in Sydney for departure at 6:00 of the city to the national park of Blues Montains. After a short stop at Danie and Marcel, here we are on the M4 towards Penrith then the climb to Wentworth Falls. It’s Hut …

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Getaway in Sydney harbor

Escapade à Sydney harbour - 1

Getaway in Sydney harbor Summer in Sydney is conducive to the discovery of the wonderful Port Jackson lake. Here is an address that will allow you to explore the area of middle harbor: For this we rented kayaks from the Spit Bridge and we sailed for two hours until …

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The Desmazures forest

Cascade F. Desmazures

GPX track Record Today, we go find a path that will take us to small waterfalls that are on the bottom of the Desmazures forest. We leave the vehicle just before the first quarry of the GR2H mine which operated chromium in the 70s. Then we follow the track that …

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White River by mountain bike

Piste du mois de mai

GPX track Record This summer is not conducive to hiking because the climatic conditions are harsh (high temperature and humidity). However to celebrate the epiphany we organized a picnic day at the White River (“Rivière blanche”). The bravest arrived early to make a mountain bike without much difficulty. We left …

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