White River by mountain bike

GPX track

Total distance: 28895 m
Max elevation: 216 m
Min elevation: 160 m
Total time: 03:06:55
Download file: riv_blanche.gpx


This summer is not conducive to hiking because the climatic conditions are harsh (high temperature and humidity).
However to celebrate the epiphany we organized a picnic day at the White River (“Rivière blanche”).
The bravest arrived early to make a mountain bike without much difficulty.

We left the old refuge at the terminus of the track to make a loop of 30 kms on the shores of the White River.

VTT radier Riv. BlancheThe track is in excellent condition for mountain bike it presents few technical difficulties.

Piste du mois de maiAfter crossing the White River, we made a short stop at the refuge of scientists who served basis ornithologists who studied the cagou.

refuge des scientifiques
The bifurcation of the forest in May, is exactly halfway.
Unfortunately we had to suffer a very heavy downpour on the last part of the hike between the Pérignon Bridge and our picnic point. The slush was our disguise on arrival. !

Marc et Luc

Marc and Luc

After a well deserved slagging and men at the river, we enjoyed finding ourselves around a beautiful diners featuring four generations of the ROLLY family and some friends.

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